imirdesigner asked:
I was one email away from confirming the order and delivery of some R33 wheels for my swapped GC8. Perfect sizing for the car. Might still order some next year. If/when I do; I expect to see it posted up on this page!

GC8! Nice are you going to be running adapters? Anyways, can’t wait to see pics we would be honored to share your photos!

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Anonymous asked:
If u out the car game, b sure to sell me your r33 wheels. Sweet.



anon REALLY wants the 33 wheels that are not for sale.

you are persistent anonymous wheel collector. but why ask someone to sell something to someone they don’t even know the identity of? idk man. crazy stuff.

you know they are fairly inexpensive and you could likely import a set for yourself for under 1k?

tomo would likely be happy to help you.

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