wt-fvck asked:
What are some good websites, to get a set of r33 wheels?

There’s a couple sets on zilvia, gtr garage, but the best place to look is yahoo auctions japan


Finalboss Matsuri was so epic. Awesome people, awesome driving, beautiful weather (for the most part).

Also caught up with the bros stylecase & battlestage.

superstylegarage was killing it!

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SUPER DORI GAL, Doriten Nov. 2001

Yoshizawa Noriko

Bae material


1997 Chaser Tourer V

150,000 JPY



I forgot to put the horn back in when i took the pic. Fuck it. Peep the DCC, it almost works i just need a blower motor resistor. It coming along. Hopefully some exciting changes within 2 weeks.

R33 x SSR Agle Strusse (aka Apple Strudels)



There are enough parts here to make all of Americas Japanese cars c00l.

R33s for Sale at Upgarage. Yus.

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